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  1. Change of Address Form - Use this form if you would like to change your mailing address for tax bills and general correspondence.

    Use this form if you would like to change your mailing address for tax bills and general correspondence.

Fire Department

  1. Contact Us

    Have a question that was unanswered by the website? Unable to get through after business hours? Drop us a line here and let us help... More…

  1. Property Owner Registration Form

    Please use this form to register or update your contact information for your property. Information provided here goes directly to the... More…

Laconia Public Library

  1. Application for Use of Auditorium

    Form to apply for use of the library's auditorium.

  2. Meeting Room Application

    Form to apply for use of the library's meeting rooms.

  3. Patron Request Form

    Patrons can request new items to be purchased for the library if we do not already own them. If the items are older titles, we will... More…

  1. Contact Us
  2. Outreach Delivery Application

    Want to take advantage of library materials, but can’t leave your house? We can help! To qualify for our book delivery program,... More…

  3. Reading Round-Up

    Would you like help to pick out bedtime stories? Do you feel like you’ve read everything your child loves, and you’re looking for... More…

Planning Forms

  1. Complaints


Public Works

  1. Application for a Drain Service Connection

    It is illegal to connect basement sump pumps (that pump ground water), foundation drains, and roof downspouts to the sanitary sewer... More…

  2. Application for a Plumbing Permit

    This form is typically filled out by a qualified plumber. Your application cannot be approved until we receive payment in full. The... More…

  3. Application for a Temporary Logging/Construction Driveway Permit

    Temporary Logging Driveway permits are designed to allow safe access to parcels designated for a limited period of time. Your completed... More…



  1. Application for a Driveway Permit

    Driveway permits are required for improving an existing driveway or for building a new one. Your completed application has to meet the... More…

  2. Application for a Sewer Connection Permit

    Make sure you coordinate your efforts with DPW plumbing inspector (387-9016) prior to filling out this form. The inspection fee is... More…

  3. Application for Right-of-Way Encumbrances

    Also known as a "sidewalk permit," the "Permit for Right-of-Way Encumbrances" is designed to allow permittees to temporarily block... More…