What documentation does the City need to determine if I am eligilbe?

- Proof of Identification: Photo ID, Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards for yourself and all members in your household.

- Proof of all sources of income/resources: Employment (past 4 weeks of pay stubs), Social Security Income, Tax Refund or Tax return, child support, unemployment, workers compensation and any other source of income. Proof of all resources: checking account and/or savings account statements, IRAs, Certificates of Deposit, life insurance policies, etc.

- Proof of all expenses: Rent (by having your landlord fill out the form attached to the application); utility bills, phone bills, food receipts, tuition, prescriptions, insurance, auto repair and any other expense for the last 4 weeks.

- Eviction notices or utilities disconnect notices.

- Proof that you applied or are receiving Food Stamps, TANF, Medicaid, fuel assistance, electrical assistance and/or any other assistance.

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