Seasonal Weight Limits

Effective March 1, 2024 at 6:00 am, trucks whose gross weight exceeds 10 tons are prohibited from using the following streets:

  • Crockett Road
  • Daisy Gardner Road
  • Eastman Road
  • Eastman Shore Road South
  • Hillcrest Drive
  • Hilliard Road
  • Leighton Avenue North
  • Pickerel Pond Road
  • Severance Road
  • Summit Avenue
  • Wentworth Cove Road
  • Woodvale Drive

City Ordinance 221-13 authorizes the Department of Public Works to post City roads with a weight limit of 10 tons during the spring thaw period. The purpose of this limit is to protect City roads from damage during spring thaw when frost is leaving the ground and the soil under the road is saturated with water and is soft.

Trucks over 10 tons may still use roads with seasonal weight limits when issued a permit by the City’s Department of Public Works.

Permits are granted in two types of situations:

 1) Blanket authorizations for:

  • Contractors providing City Services such as solid waste & recycling collection
  • Private emergency services such as clearing sanitary sewer service lines.
  • Heating fuel companies such as heating oil and propane
  • Blanket authorizations cannot be used for any other use except that authorized on the permit.

2) One time permits are typically used for deliveries and collection such as:

  • Building supplies, construction equipment, household goods, furniture
  • Roll off solid waste containers
  • Automobiles to dealerships

All requests for exceptions must be submitted 24 hours in advance. Applicants may submit their completed requests by emailing the Department of Public Works at Conditions that are part of the permit are based on forecasted weather conditions and anticipated road conditions.  Permits may be denied based on these conditions. A copy of the permit must be in the cab of the truck while operating on a road with a seasonal weight limit.

Permit approval authority is the City Manager, Director of Public Work and/or the Assistant Director of Public Works

All permits will have conditions to minimize the impact of these trucks on the City’s streets. Vehicle operators found not following permit conditions may be fined $100 per incident.