Public Works

1913 Laconia Street Department


Public Works is responsible for maintaining the City's public highways, storm water drainage and sanitary sewer systems. It also manages:
  • Road repair and construction program 
  • Solid waste collection and disposal system
  • On street parking & parking meters
  • Weirs boardwalk and public docks
  • Plumbing permits and inspections
  • Driveway permits and inspections
  • Right-of-Way hazard tree program
  • The maintenance of the City's vehicles
The City's water system is managed by the Water Department; they operate separately from the Dept. of Public Works.

Solid Waste Disposal

Laconia is a member of the Concord Regional Solid Waste Resource Recovery Cooperative which operates a waste-to-energy incinerator to dispose of the solid waste from 17 communities.

To determine those weeks that the recycling is picked-up and the holidays that delay service, we encourage residents to use the 2019 curbside collection schedule. To make the transition to the new year an easy one, we have also posted the 2020 curbside collection schedule. 

Sewage Disposal

Laconia is a member of the Winnipesaukee River Basin Program which operates and maintains a regional wastewater collection system and treatment plant that serves nine communities in the lakes region.