Chief of Department

Tim Joubert - Fire Chief

I would like to start by saying welcome and thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Laconia Fire Department by visiting this website. It’s been said the Fire Chief is head of the Department, and when drawn in an organizational chart, it is often depicted as a pyramid with the Fire Chief sitting at the top. I believe this depiction is an incorrect understanding of the role of the Fire Chief or, for that matter, the rest of the Department.

A famous fire Chief once explained that it is the Fire Department’s job to be the base in which to support the firefighters. I believe this is a more accurate depiction because it is the firefighters who provide medical assistance to the patient who calls for help, the firefighters who pull the hose and put out the fire, and the firefighters who do whatever is necessary to help those in need.

 The members of this Department know that we exist at the expense of the community. In return, we must perform at a level that provides the greatest opportunity to successfully solve the issues that residents, visitors, and businesses in our community might encounter. It is the tradition of the fire service to help others, and everyone’s responsibility at the Laconia Fire Department to continue that tradition by exhibiting honor, pride, and integrity.

Our department consists of 40 full-time firefighters, 4 Chief Officers, 1 full-time administrative assistant, 1 part-time fire prevention secretary, 1 part-time office secretary and 1 part-time fire alarm repairman. We operate from two fire stations protecting 26 square miles, 6 miles of which is water. We are responsible for the safety of 16,000 year-round residents, thousands of visitors and tourists, and a mix of commercial, industrial, and residential properties worth more than 2 billion dollars. Laconia is a very diverse community with diverse needs. This is one of the reasons why we are one of the busiest fire departments in the State of New Hampshire.

I hope you find this page helpful and informative.

Property Owners please register your Emergency Contact Info Here

If you are a Property Owner in the City, please check out our Property Owner Registration Form.  It is a form that gets submitted to the Fire Chief directly for purposes of maintain the most up to date information for us to protect your proprety and contact you in case of an emergency.  

Property Owner Registration Form