New Demolition Policy

Effective: January 8, 2024 

Subject: Change in procedures for disposing of construction and demolition debris & blown-In insulation at the Laconia Transfer Station


Per RSA 141-E and Env-A 1800, Asbestos Management and Control, asbestos must be managed in a manner that prevents the release of asbestos fibers to the environment. 

State laws and regulations require that a qualified asbestos inspector be hired to survey the proposed demolition or renovation project areas for the presence of assumed asbestos containing materials (ACBM) that would be subject to disturbance during the project. Only persons who have received the required training covering the identification of asbestos-containing materials (ACM), and the hazards associated with them, are qualified under Env-A 1802.14 to conduct the required inspections. The qualified inspector is required to prepare a written report detailing the inspection findings along with a list of all known or ACBM. 

See fact sheet ARD-59, Asbestos: What Homeowners, Contractors, Property Managers and Landlords Need to Know which can be found at:

The City of Laconia’s transfer station is not permitted to accept asbestos or asbestos containing materials. Beginning on January 8, 2024, all vehicles bringing construction and demolition debris to Laconia’s transfer station for disposal generated from the demolition or renovation of a building must have a copy of the qualified asbestos inspector’s written report for the project to dispose of the load. Any vehicle after this date that does not have a copy of the report from a qualified asbestos inspector will not be allowed to dispose of the load. 

Blown-in Insulation:

Blown-in insulation presents a hazard to the personnel and equipment who operate the transfer station regardless of ACM (asbestos containing material) content. Beginning on January 8, 2024 building owners or contractors with small renovation projects can bring in 2 bags of blown in insulation per day. The bags must be at least 6 mils thick. The blown-in insulation must be double bagged. Contractors who want to dispose of large quantities of blown-in insulation must coordinate with Waste Management at (603) 726-6160 (Steve Durand) to determine if the insulation can be safely processed through the transfer station or must be brought directly to a landfill. 

Call NH Department of Environmental Services if you have any questions on the handling procedures for asbestos containing materials. If you have any questions on the policy, call Public Works at 603-528-6379. 

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