Parking Garage Deterioration

Parking Garage 2


Originally constructed in 1974 as part of the downtown urban renewal program, the parking garage has exposed steel columns, beams and decks that have corroded due to the salt used to treat snow in the winter. In addition, the drainage troughs on the decks have been corroded and they leaked water into the decks. In 2016, the City reinforced the ramps to the second level with wood to keep the second level deck open, but for safety reasons, closed the third level deck completely.

Parking Garage Corrosion
Parking Garage Wooden Supports2

The corrosion issues will not go away. The parking garage continues to deteriorate. Left unchecked, the City will eventually be forced to close the second story deck as well.


City Council is looking into 3 options to remedy this situation:

1 ) Find a private party who is interested in purchasing  and developing the property .

                 For more information on an expression of interest regarding the downtown parking garage see bid 23-01-05

2) Deconstruct the existing garage and build a new one.

                This option is estimated to cost more than 13 million dollars. City council finds this option least attractive due to the expense.

3) Rehabilitate the existing garage

                This option also requires a sizeable investment --over 6 million dollars . For more information, see  the parking garage rehabilitation page.

Downtown Study

The City awarded a contract to Walker Consultants to perform an urban planning study. Its main purpose was to determine the parking needs for the downtown area. For more information, see the Parking Study Summary.