Active Planning Board Applications

Contact the Laconia Planning Department with questions concerning the below applications currently being reviewed at (603) 527-1264 or e-mail us at

Street Address/MBL
62 & 78 Chapin Tr boundary line adjustment between the two lots Scheduled for Oct 5 Planning Board
674 Main Street change second floor commercial to two residential units Scheduled for Oct 5 Planning Board
1065 Watson Rd change the use of the property to multifamily Scheduled for Oct 5 Planning Board
609 Main Street Colonial Theatre: amend the site plan application to construct a rooftop deck

Scheduled for Oct 5 Planning Board
291 Endicott Street North Grand View Resort: construct two additional cottages to match existing cottages

Scheduled for TRC Oct 13
80 Main Street construct 10x28 ft addition in the wetland buffer
~waiver request for wetland mapping

Scheduled for TRC Oct 13
18 Endicott St North North Water Marine: construct new buildings in a different reconfiguration, upgrade drainage, build a retaining wall and build a new forklift launch well

Scheduled for TRC Oct 13
Performance Zoning addition amendment to section 235-21.1, Performance Zoning Overlay District, in a portion of the Weirs Public Hearing Oct 5
Indoor Storage addition to the CR Zone amend the Table of Permitted Uses and Chapter 235-42 Zoning, adding a new section L, to add  Indoor storage, self-service as a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) in the Commercial Resort (CR) zone.  Public Hearing Oct 5