Private Roads & Emergency Lanes

To maintain public safety, the City has designated certain portions of private roads as emergency lanes. The Public Works Department will maintain these sections of road in order to ensure that they are passable by emergency vehicles.  City policy outlines their maintenance standards. The following roads are affected:

  • Bell Street from Chapin Terrace to Franklin 
  • The unnamed crossover from Durkee Street to Addison Street
  • Channel Lane from the dead end to Endicott Street
  • Hillcrest Drive from public highway section to the public highway section
  • Lane Road from Meredith Center Road to Parade Road 
  • Pickerel Pond Road from Meredith Center Road to Parade Road
  • Cotton Hill Road from the dead end to the Gilford Town Line
  • Dell Avenue from Jefferson Street to Appleton Street
  • Eastman Shore Road North from Eastman Road to the dead end
  • Wentworth Avenue from Pleasant to the dead end
  • Lucerne Avenue from Endicott Street East to the dead end
  • Regis Road from Ashley Drive to Pendleton Road
  • McKinley Road from Pendleton Road to Zebley Shore Road